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Ensure you book your garment at least 2-3 working days before you require it


If you aren't happy with your garment, on the same day of receiving it, please lodge an online Return Request Form and return the garment in the garment bag to your nearest post shop by 5PM of the day of receiving it. 

How to Return your Garment:

You can read our Return information here. Otherwise, on your last rental day, please return your garment in the provided garment bag with the postage sticker attached, to your nearest post office.

When we offer Refunds: 

If you aren't happy with your garment, and it's returned to the post office by 5PM the same day of receiving it, we will offer a refund. Please fill out the Return Request form.

Failure to return a garment:

We are very strict on rental return dates. If you fail to return your garment by the rental return date (your last day of hire), we will charge your credit card $20 per day, until we have received your garment or you've paid 150% of the RRP value of the garment. All of our T&C's can be read here.

What if you accidentally damage the garment:

We understand within reason about accidental damage. If you have purchased the $9 insurance cover, that will cover you up to the value of $150 worth of repairable damage. For example, a small tear that can be fixed, a stain that can be removed or fixed, a broken zipper than can be replaced, a burst seam that can be strengthened. Please advise us of any damages to the garment by contacting us with your booking details.

You don't have my size:

We do our best to offer all sizes, however sometimes we only have a few sizes in each style available. If you would like a specific size in something and it's rented out or we don't stock it, please send us a message here and we will do our best to stock more sizes.


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